The Journey…

Pramod Acharya is a very successful entrepreneur having 30 years of experience in sales, and guided many people to overcome the challenges & get phenomenal success in their life.

But his life started with lot of struggle, in spite of many challenges in financial & social life, he has never dropped himself.


His thought was clear, his ambition was big, and that is why every time he was thinking about success.


He tried many a times in different field but eventually his return didn’t match to his expectation. Being highly stressed in one juncture of his life, he decided to commit suicide but failed.


Enough is enough; he decided to take a U turn, stood up & took the charge of his life. He started a new venture in Direct selling industry. In spite of much opposition from family & friends, he was determined to reach the top. Since his thought was to work for people & help them out, he started guiding many people with passion.


It’s Direct Selling Business that brought a spectacular change in his life. People all across the country get educated, motivated & inspired by his training, honesty, simplicity & integrity.


Still, he believes, this is just the beginning………….


My Mission…

I want to reach out all those people who are really in financial problem & want to get success in life. Whatever I have learnt & experienced in last 30 years of my journey, I want to share with them. If it will empower & enable them to get a glorious future, that will be my success.

Message …

Things ,which were impossible before , are possible today & the things that seems to be impossible now will be possible in future.


In the journey of my life, I went through many ups & downs and got a lot of bitter experience. During the tough time , my wife Niharika insisted me to read books & I read many books which helped & encouraged me for my prosperity .I also got many people around me who really guided & inspired me to prosper.

There are many books that brought a great change in my thought & personality, many motivational speakers , who really inspired me a lot & also there are many great personalities who became my role model .

I convey my deepest gratitude to all those people who really contributed a lot in my life.

I am ever indebted….

                                                                                                                               – PRAMOD ACHARYA   

Truth of Life…

Let’s understand  “The Truth of Life”

It is food, few months before some farmers sow the seeds to cultivate the Rice, 

Wheat ,Vegetables & etc that we are eating today.

Had we ever requested them to do it for our today’s meal ?

Think of this plate in which we eat food,

Had we ever told the factory owner to make this plate for us ?

The water that we drink today, have we made it for us ?

I know that your answer will be “NO”.

Think of this boy,had he ever requested his father -in-law to give birth to a girl child for him ?

I know, your answer will be a Big “NO”. Not only these, I can give you thousands of examples.

If we think deeply,
1-Everything is pre-arranged for us even much before we require it.
2-Whatever we require, many people are involved to make it possible for us.
Now Question comes, who is doing it for us much before we want it ???

The GOD….Everything is prearranged by Him. Being a parent as we arrange everything for our children even before they ask ,the same way God has arranged everything for all of us.

Only we have to take a choice & decide, what to get & posses in our life . That may be Food, Marriage, Dress, Car, Bungalow, Millions of rupees or anything else….. .

Now question comes ,if every thing is pre-arranged , why do many people are suffering & not getting success ?

See another picture:-

1st man has a beautiful physique & 2nd man has a big belly. Just see them & think.

The 1st person definitely decided some years before to maintain a beautiful body & he did all those things whatever is required to reach at his Goal & finally he got it.

Now question comes, did that 2nd man has ever tried to get a so big Belly?
No,not at all.
Then how did he acquire so much fat & such a
big Belly ?
Answer is very simple. Some years before he might have gone for morning walk & tried in Gym for some months to maintain a good body .

May be due to some reasons he quit & unfortunately he could not make himself committed & determined to achieve the Goal though all the resources were available to him.

The Learning is:-

If we do not commit to achieve the best things for us , just the opposite will happen in our life, which may destroy our happiness & give us pain for rest of our life….
Decide now, which kind of old age do you want ?