Started long before, but officially it was established in 1959.
First started in U.S.A.  , now running in more than 125 countries.

Around (80) eighty millions people are working world wide.

People from different background are doing this business.
                     (Housewives, students, employees, businessmen,
                                                                    retired person & professionals are involved)
Global  Turnover is more than 100 billions.
Common people have achieved Extra-ordinary success through this business.
Students are earning handsome income, housewives are getting more
than their husband’s salary & retired persons are earning more than
their pension.

Those had started 25/30 years before, many of them are earning in millions  
per year.

Due to lack of awareness about this business, many people are not able to
understand & also quit.
It is little different from Traditional Business.
This is a business for everyone.
People know this Business in different names as:-
Network Marketing
Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
Direct Selling Business
But worldwide it is known as
   Direct Selling Business

  Started in 1996 by Modi group of companies named as Modicare. Now many foreign companies have established their business in India.

     Turn Over

The industry turnover in 2012-13 was Rs 7,164 crores. Growth rate is more than 12% approximately every year & it is expected to reach much more than 15,000 crores very soon

(Source:- Chavi Hemanth, Secretary, general of the Indian Direct Selling Association)

Potentiality of Direct Selling Business

   A businessman can’t even believe the below mentioned fact until he has the depth knowledge about Direct Selling Business.


    It is very obvious to think that, how can it be possible to start a business without all these?

                                        Yes, it is possible!!!

    Being a business man, I had also the same feelings. But I wanted to   know in details about this       business in 1998.Finally I started it.I remember,my first month sale was less than Rs.10, 000/-       & now it is in millions per month.

                         Let us understand, what this business needs?

   Your Dreams (Expectation of life)

      A burning desire to achieve your Dreams.

      Working time is 10 to 15 hours weekly, you may also             

      work on line. (Along with your present profession you can also do it.)

      Some People. (A Team)   


 Zero  Investment

Purchase daily use products for your House   

   If somebody does this business , he/she can get:-    

    Handsome Income and Financial Security

    Get your Dream Car and House

    Recognition on stage and also in a national Magazine.

    Free Foreign Trip every year with spouse.

    Much Free Time to enjoy life.

               Most importantly, he/she can help
                                                               many people to earn money  
                                                                                       through this business

This business does not require:-
Huge Investment
Long Working Time
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