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Q1. Is it network marketing business ?

Ans - Yes, people know it as different names 

a) Network Marketing

b) Direct Selling business

c) Multi Level Marketing Business (MLM)

Some called it as Chain system 

Q2.Is Modicare a Network Marketing Business ?

Ans - Yes.

Q3. What Modicare Business offers ?

Ans - It is a wonderful business which offers beautiful daily usable products,financial freedom ,financial security, Recognition ,Free  Foreign Trips with Spouse & much free time to enjoy with family.

Q4.Can everybody do it ?

Ans -Yes, age must be 18 Yrs and above.

Q5.Why many people are not interested for Network Marketing Business ?

Ans - That can be summed up in one word: Misconceptions. The general public just doesn’t understand what Network Marketing is or its potential is. But that’s already started to change. Right now it’s estimated that only about 0.1% of the Indian population is involved in Network Marketing. As per the report of 2013-14 the turnover of Network Marketing Business in India was more than Rs.10,000/- cores, but industry experts predict that it will reach Rs34,000/- cores by 2020.It is observed since last 18 years, it is growing 10% - 20% every year .Due to lack of awareness, people are unable to understand about the potentiality of this business. That the reason many people are not interested for this business .

Q6.What are the products of Modicare ?

Ans - Starting from washing powder, shampoo, soap, tooth paste, toothbrush, hair oil, cosmetics & many daily usable products along with food supplements are available in Modicare .

Q7. Some people say, Modicare products look costly, is it so ?

Ans - Yes, it looks little expensive, but when somebody  compares the quality & use the products , he / she will love it.

Q8.Can a lower / middle class family use Modicare products ?

Ans -Yes,we have many consumers starting from lower / middle class to higher middle class family. 

Q9. If due to any reason, somebody  does not like the products…?

Ans - No problem at all, there is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Refund Policy) on products. If not satisfied, you can refund the products & get another one. 

Q10. Can Modicare Business be done successfully part-time?

Ans - Absolutely... , you can start your Modicare business on a part-time basis without giving up your current source of income .

Q11. Do I have to sell products door-to-door ?

Ans - No...,it is not a door-to-door selling business. The beauty of the Modicare  product is ,when people will see the demonstration or hear your  own personal testimony about Modicare Products, they will be very much interested  to use these products . So by giving  your own testimony, showing  product demonstration , distributing  product catalogues ,you can  share the products.

Q12. Do I have to sponsor a lot of people to be successful?

Ans - No, if you can sponsor just one person every month or two, you can do great in Modicare business.

Q13. Isn’t Modicare Business just another ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme?

Ans - No, ‘get-rich-quick’ is not a reality. It just doesn’t happen in the real world. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but they are extremely rare. In fact, if overnight riches is your dream, your odds are probably better playing your state lottery than doing a business... any business.

Q14.I couldn’t get involved in Network Marketing. It’s not a ‘real’ business ?

Ans - It’s very real. Network Marketing is now a multi-billion dollar industry involving millions of independent business people and major U.S. corporations like Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, Sprint, and MCI, just to name a few. And it’s a rapidly- growing international force, too, with thousands of Network Marketing Companies already in operation in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific.

Q15.I can see how others have become successful, but don’t think I could do it ?

Ans -People of every age, every background, from every walk of life are making it in Modicare Business today. If you have the desire, you can succeed in Modicare Business.

Q16.I just don’t have the time to start Modicare Business. I’ve got too many irons in the fire already ?

Ans - That’s precisely why you should consider Modicare Business. Besides creating financial freedom,Modicare Business is specifically designed to create personal freedom for you so that you can do all the things in life you really want to do that you don’t have the time for now.

Q17.Don’t you have to get in at the beginning to make any real money? Doesn’t saturation eventually occur?

Ans - That’s another big misconception that’s been perpetuated for years. The fact is, there hasnever been any evidence produced that “saturation” occurs in Network Marketing. Secondly, realize that because Network Marketing is still a very young industry there are hundreds of millions of prospects worldwide who have never even heard of Network Marketing. It will take years to even make a dent in that.

Q18. I’m not the Network Marketing type ?

Ans - Over the years Network Marketing has received a black eye because:

1. Many MLM companies have gone out of the business and left people high-and-dry. Most Network Marketing companies don’t make it beyond two years. Only one out of a thousand make it beyond five years. So this explains that Modicare company has been in business since 30 MARCH 1996 and is On target to become the NO 1 company in INDIA. Modicare is here to stay and so is Network Marketing.

2. Some companies are less than up-front when presenting the opportunity to others. Over the years some companies have promoted inviting people over to a home under whatever means were possible and then presenting them with the opportunity after the doors were closed. Network Marketing is coming of age. People-to-people selling is the powerful type of selling available today. Your company does not promote any presentation method that makes the prospect feel uncomfortable. You do promote professionalism, honesty, and hard work.

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