The Journey…

   Pramod Acharya is a very successful entrepreneur having 30 years of experience in sales, and guided many people to overcome the challenges & get phenomenal success in their life.


 But his life started with lot of struggle, in spite of many challenges in financial & social life, he has never dropped himself.

  His thought was clear, his ambition was big, and that is why every time he was thinking about success.

   He tried many a times in different field but eventually his return didn’t match to his expectation. Being highly stressed in one juncture of his life, he decided to commit suicide but failed.

   Enough is enough; he decided to take a U turn, stood up & took the charge of his life. He started a new venture in Direct selling industry. In spite of much opposition from family & friends, he was determined to reach the top. Since his thought was to work for people & help them out, he started guiding many people with passion.

   It’s MODICARE that brought a spectacular change in his life. People all across the country get educated, motivated & inspired by his training, honesty, simplicity & integrity.

Still, he believes, this is just the beginning…………..