Though this is a wonderful business of the world, unfortunately it is highly misunderstood
by many people due to lack of proper awareness.

  Before I proceed, let me tell you that though this business can make anyone financially very sound, but it is not a business to make someone rich over night. Like any other profession or business , someone  has to work for it  & also it takes some time to get success.

My experience about this business:-

 There was a doubt in my mind before I started this business. Thank God, in spite of

my doubt & disbelief, I wanted to know in detail about this business.Here I found one

interesting thing, Everything to gain nothing to lose ,

which inspired me a lot to start Direct Selling Business.

    1. First I was doubtful of the person who informed me about this business, because I thought that perhaps he was trying to get some benefits from me. But when I knew in detail, I found that my gain is much bigger than his benefits.

  2. When I came to know that the name of the business is  “Direct Selling Business”,I thought that perhaps it is a business of door to door selling. But I found that, it was not true. Rather it is a business of sharing the Opportunity & caring the People.

     3.   I thought, I had to request or convince people to join this business. But the truth is ,

we have to only pass on the information to people.

   Since 1998,I am doing Modicare Direct Selling Business & achieved many success .

I am ever grateful to Mr. Prashant Mishra, who informed me about Modicare . If he had not

told me, I would not have achieved all these happiness in my life. Not only me, but many

people have also become successful . Modicare has become the source for many others to live

their life as per their own choice. I can proudly say that it is a noble business.

How people  become successful in this industry:-

 One day some body informed them about this business.Many of them disbelieved & some

believed. Those believed it, they followed all the rules of this business & work very

sincerely. Initially they faced some genuine challenges & learnt how to overcome it.

Finally they got very high success & fulfilled their dreams.

Why some people quit:-

  Yes, some people also quit this business. So far as my experience is concerned,

different people give different reasons to quit.

Let me tell you how people join here:-
Many join because of Face Value.

Other join being influenced by somebody.

Some other join to use products.

Most of the people join to earn Money.

Very few join to become entrepreneurs.
Since the reason of joining is different , it is very natural to get the different result.
So, some people quit even before they try.

Some other try without proper training & quit  due to  following reasons.

Lack of awareness & adequate knowledge about this industry.

Some say, products are costly

Never try to know in details

Fear of rejection

Fear of loss

Their near & dears suggest them not to do it.

They come in contact with some quitters.

Some might have lost money due to lack of proper knowledge.

Though everybody can do this business & become successful , but most of the people are
always busy to struggle for their monthly income.
Unfortunately they do not have time to think about themselves
“what is going to happen in their life after 5 years from now”.

Let me remind you that ,this is a very genuine business ,so  spare some time to understand-

Whether it is a legal business or not.

How come people make so big income.

The potentiality & future of Direct Selling Business.


If you are really interested to
                               live your life as per your own choice
                                                                        & finding no other way,
                                                                                     I am sure you will love it.
Truth of this Business