This is a Part Time Business 
 Little Investment & No Risk
Nothing to Lose 
everything to Gain.
It is designed in such a way that 
anyone can do it.
let us understand the requirements to start any business.
Any  Traditional Business   
Direct Selling Business   
Investment	                                    In Lakhs	                         Rs 100 to Rs.12,000
Working Time                      10 to 12 hours daily                12 hours weekly
                                                                                                  ( Part time work )
Staff                                              Required                            Not required
Experience                                   Required                             Not required
Shop / Office                               Required                            Not required,
                                                                                       You can start at Home
Income per month             May be in thousands or       Starting from Rs.100/-
                                            10 to 20 % of investment       to in lakhs per month.
Can everybody do it ?                       No                         Yes, after 18 yrs of age
Royalty Income                      No work ,No pay         Yes.. ,after some years
Photo Recognition in                 Very rarely                     Yes , Many times  
National Magazine               
Free foreign Trips                      Not possible                  Scope  for everyone
 with Spouse                      for all business people            to visit Every Year
No Loss
   High Gain
Why this Business ?